Southwestern Meatballs

Southwestern Meatballs

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You Supply: 2 lbs frozen meatballs

We know you love meatballs, and we swear this one won't disappoint! This Tex Mex version has enchilada sauce, garlic, onion powder, and more! Don't worry, it's not too spicy! Top with cheese and enjoy with Mexican rice and a side of beans or corn. A dollop of our avocado dip on top will take it over the top. (slow cooker, IP, or stovetop)

Dietary Notes: Plus, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-Free, Keto, Sugar-free

Nutrition Facts: Cal: 19  Fat: 0  Sod: 600  Carb: 4  Fib: 1  Sug: 1  Pro: 0

 *This meal starter is vegetarian friendly. Nothing in our starter contains meat products. You can substitute tempeh meatballs. 



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