Ranch Burgers (Pantry)

Ranch Burgers (Pantry)

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You Supply: 2 lbs Ground Beef, 1 Egg

A fan favorite! These cook up perfectly on the grill or stovetop and are packed full of flavor! The ranch and corn chip combo knock this out of the park! Top with cheddar or pepper jack and all your favorite burger fixings! These burgers make a great addition to any outdoor gathering- they're sure to make your guests happy, too! Spice things up by trying different variations of toppings to find your favorite combination.

Dietary: Regular, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly

Nutrition Facts: Cal:37  Fat:2  Sod:468  Carb:5  Fib:0  Sug:0  Pro:0 

*This meal starter is vegetarian friendly. Nothing in our starter contains meat products. You can substitute beans of choice, or vegetarian ground meat substitute.



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