Korean Beef Tacos

Korean Beef Tacos

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You Supply: 2-3 lbs Beef Chuck Roast

One of Easy Freezy's top 3 fan favorite meals! This is a savory roast with a gingery-garlic-soy flavor that is amazing topped with sriracha slaw and wrapped in a tortilla. Alternatively it’s also great over rice with a side of Asian broccoli. Take our customers advice and try this one today! (slow cooker or IP)

Dietary Notes: Keto, Plus, W30, Dairy-Free, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Preservative-Free, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan-Friendly

Regular Nutrition Facts: Cal: 63 Fat: 1 Sod: 837 Carb: 14 Fib: 0 Sug: 13 Pro: 1

Keto Nutrition Facts: Cal: 40  Fat: 2  Sod: 841  Carb: 3  Fib: 0  Sug: 2  Pro: 2

Plus Nutrition Facts: Cal: 73  Fat: 1  Sod: 184  Carb: 16  Fib: 0  Sug: 15  Pro: 0

*This meal starter is vegan/vegetarian friendly. Nothing in our starter contains meat products. You can substitute tofu or seitan.

Staff Suggestions:
This is also VERY good with chicken or pork. We know sometimes roast can be a budget buster or you already have tons of chicken on hand- never be afraid to change up your protein or reach out if you aren't sure.



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