Hoisin Grilled Beef

Hoisin Grilled Beef

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You Supply: 4-6 steaks of choice OR 4-6 chicken breasts

Hoisin Beef is delicious and packed with flavor. This is a hearty and healthy dish is a sweet & savory sauce full of Asian aromatics. This one is delicious one beef or chicken, if you're feeling adventuresome you might even give pork a try. Serve over rice with veggies or as a noodle bowl. Go healthy with a mixed greens salad and grilled asparagus.  (Grill or stove top)

Dietary Notes: None

Nutrition Facts: Cal: 53 Fat: 0 Sod: 542 Carb: 11 Fib: 0 Sug: 8 Pro: 0

*This meal starter is vegetarian friendly. Nothing in our starter contains meat products. You can substitute mushrooms, seitan, bean of choice or cauliflower chunks. 

Staff Recommendations:

If you choose chicken for this one; cut it into chunks first.  It's better this way than shredding!



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