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Packet C includes:
Cool Ranch Chicken Tacos (You Supply: 4-6 Chicken Breasts, 3/4 cup of water)
Avocado Dip (You Supply: 2-3 Avocados, 2 tablesppons sour cream *optional*)

Easy Freezy provides convenience. With our meals you simply add the You Supply items listed, cook as directed, and voila! Dinner is ready! We are taking the thinking, preparing, and planning out of dinnertime! 

Our dips are just as simple and delicious! You add the You Supply items, mix, and your dip is ready to go!

We exist to make your life easier and now you can do that ALL WHILE supporting your fundraiser, who will receive 25% of the proceeds of sales!


Meal Descriptions: 

Cool Ranch Chicken Tacos: This is a creamy take on one of our fan favorites! We LOVE the cool ranch dorito flavor! Some of the best chicken tacos you will ever eat, seriously. This is also a very versatile one that can been eaten on a lettuce wrap, as nachos, a burrito bowl, basically there isn’t a way we wouldn’t love it! 

Avocado Dip: Our Avocado Dip is a delicious spice blend that will elevate your avocados to the next level. The cumin, chili powder, garlic, onion, and cilantro give this mix an amazing pop of flavor. The Avocado Dip is a fantastic stand alone with tortilla chips or as a spread for your favorite sandwich or burger! Add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream for a creamy avocado dip. 

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