Classic/Fancy Holiday Ham

Classic/Fancy Holiday Ham

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You Supply: 3-5 lb spiral cut ham

CLASSIC-This is a DELICIOUS meal starter for your Holiday ham. Brown sugar & pineapples make this ridiculously good! Designed for your slow cooker or Instant Pot.

FANCY- This INCREDIBLE dish is a perfectly sweet blend of apple, brown sugar, with a zing from some garlic and Dijon. Everyone will think you slaved over this! My mouth waters just thinking about one! This will cook up great in your slow cooker or Instant Pot. 

Dietary: Plus, Soy-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free

Nutrition Facts: Classic - Cal: 90  Fat: 0  Sod: 5  Carb: 23  Fib: 0  Sug: 23  Pro: 0

Nutrition Facts:  Fancy- Cal: 148  Fat: 0  Sod: 246  Carb: 36  Fib: 0  Sug: 30  Pro: 0

*This meal starter is vegan/vegetarian friendly. Nothing in our starter contains meat products. You can substitute plant based roast, tofurkey, or root vegetables.



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