Adult Lunchables

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We already make dinner easy - let's make lunch easy too!

These delicious and easy ready-to-go lunch boxes are packed full of various proteins, cheeses, crackers, nuts, hummus and fruits.

Each box is unique and made up of a variety of things.  We will mostly use:

Cheese - smoked gouda, medium cheddar, goat cheese, brie
Fruits - green + purple grapes, clementines
Veggies - carrots, grape tomatoes
Carb - gluten free crackers, pretzel thins, naan, 
Meats - Genoa salame, pepperoni, prosciutto, sweet sopressata, dry coppa, hard salami, honey ham
Various Mixed Nuts
Olives - greek medley, jalapeño/garlic stuffed, kalamata
Hummus - roasted red pepper, garlic, classic

We have given you the option to select a gluten free lunchable, a soft cheese option, and a nut free option - understand these are the most common allergens/dietary needs.
*We will not guarantee we can make special requests made in notes.

PLEASE NOTE: These will keep for around 7 days, but are meant to be consumed quickly. 

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