Cactus Country Supreme (For Shipping)

Cactus Country Supreme (For Shipping)

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You Supply: 2 lbs protein of choice

Our Cactus Country Supreme is a savory blend of spices that would be wonderful paired with a wide variety of proteins. The chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, and dash of cayenne pepper give this dish just the right amount of heat. Serve with corn on the cob and black beans with some sliced avocado on top! Would also be lovely in a taco, on top of a salad or nachos, or shredded to put inside an enchilada! 

Dietary: W30, Plus, Keto

Nutritional Facts: Cal:2  Fat:0  Sod:117  Carb:3  Fib:0  Sug:0  Pro:0 

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