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Are you here to organize a Fundraiser for your Organization?

We have a plan to make your Fundraising simple and straight forward! You can now have the people that are supporting your cause hop on our website and order from the comfort of their home. We ship your supporter’s order within 2-3 business days directly to them. We provide a shipping selection just for your organization so we can track your progress through the agreed upon duration. 

Let the audience you are marketing to know that Easy Freezy meal starters provide convenience. With our meals you simply add the You Supply items listed, cook as directed, and voila! Dinner is ready!

We exist to make our customer's lives easier and now you can do that ALL WHILE earning money. After your fundraiser closes, we tally sales, and 25% of the proceeds of sales goes directly in your pocket via check mailed within 5 business days.

Sell $1,000 of Easy Freezy Fundraising Packets? Earn $250 for your organization.
Sell $2,500 of Easy Freezy Fundraising Packets? Earn $625 for your organization.

Because we ship all over, the potential is endless!

Request to launch your fundraiser with Easy Freezy by filling out this 2 minute (MAX, WE SWEAR), form: https://forms.gle/NFJLBoKx2P9MB5DD6

Or are you here to purchase from a Fundraiser?

Our Fundraising options have been streamlined for ease of ordering. Choose from many different packages ranging from $25-$75. The organization that you are supporting will then receive 25% of the profits from your order!

Once you have made your selection you will move to check out and choose the shipping selection specifically named for your fundraiser. There will be a $6 charge so that we can ship your order directly to you (within 2-3 business days). All of this will help us keep track of the progress your fundraiser is making.

Easy Freezy meals provide convenience! We are here to make your lives easier by freeing up your time and energy so that you may have more time to enjoy your family and friends. We’ve curated a fundraising menu of our favorite and top-selling meal starters from our past 4 years in business.

With our meals you simply add the You Supply items listed and let dinner cook itself while you enjoy your life. 

Our dips are just as simple and delicious! You add the You Supply items, mix, and your dip is ready to go.

Make your life easier all while supporting a good cause and a small, local, woman-owned and operated business.

We can't wait to provide you with a simple way to support your organization!

And hope to see you back again and again with our shipping menu found here: https://easyfreezyfreezermeals.com/collections/shipping-menu



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