New Meal Starter Fundraisers from Easy Freezy

Posted by Roxanne Foster on

Here at Easy Freezy, we believe a great deal in community.  We are the first to give to auctions, provide donations, and gift meals to those to need.  We believe that all of us, need all of us to make it.

On that note, we started fundraising to give back to our community in a BIG way.  What better way to raise money for your program, school or fundraiser than to support a local business, provide families with easy and delicious meals, AND hit all your fundraising goals?  I can’t think of one!

Here's how to start your fundraiser with Easy Freezy:

  1. Email and give us your name, organization, and when you hope to start your Fundraiser.
  2. Receive and Print out your Fundraiser flyers and order forms.
  3. Begin selling and collecting payments to turn in to Easy Freezy
  4. Celebrate your success and get your Fundraiser Check from Easy Freezy!

Just email me to get started and we'll help you achieve your organization or group's fundraising goals!


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