March 2022 - Easy Freezy Freezer Meals - Instructions + Nutrition Facts

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Here are your cooking instructions from the March 2022 Fresh Menu.

You may also find these in your order reminder email. Otherwise, you can always download the PDF document you need here: 

March 2022 Fresh Meals - Slow Cooker Instructions

March 2022 Fresh Meals - Instant Pot Instructions

March 2022 Nutritional Facts

NEW Pantry Meals Slow Cooker Instructions

NEW Pantry Meals Instant Pot Instructions

Spring is just around the corner and we have so many fantastic fresh meals on the menu for March! Spring Break can also mean a lot more time spent with family and friends; let us help you get ready for all the fun with our Spring Break Bundle! 

Our meals are VERSATILE - you can typically throw them in the oven or on the stove-top.  We've tried to provide you with as many clear options of how it cooks as possible!

For reference, here's our March 2022 Fresh Menu graphic:

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