7 Times Gifting Dinner Makes You the Hero

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Life is full of opportunities to support the people you love. But sometimes, it can be difficult to decide just how to do that.

You want to give a meaningful and useful gift, not just another trinket that will end up collecting dust or in the donation pile.

Easy Freezy Freezer Meals has the perfect solution - show support to the people you love by giving the gift of dinner. Nothing shows love like lightening the load with a delicious meal.

Our shipping meals can be stored in the pantry and are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is:

  1. Put protein and listed ingredients (you supply) in the slow cooker.
  2. Add Easy Freezy shipping meal contents.
  3. Let dinner cook itself.

Gravy Covered SteakBaked Potato Soup


Show how much you care by providing your loved ones with a hearty meal when they have a lot on their plates. Here are seven times when life gives you the opportunity to give the unique gift of a tasty and convenient dinner. 


1 - Gift dinner to new parents. 

If you’ve had kids or been around new parents, you know that the joy of a new baby is immeasurable. The sweet baby smells, the soft skin, the precious coos - nothing compares!

While the joy of a new baby is overwhelming, everything else can begin to feel overwhelming for new parents, too.

Taking care of a baby is a round-the-clock job, so help out new parents that you care about by taking care of dinner. Easy Freezy Freezer Meals let parents spend that extra time napping rather than cooking. 


2 - The perfect gift for newlyweds.  

Marriage is a huge milestone for many couples. Years of planning go into the big day. Heartwarming vows are exchanged, the lovely duo says their I do’s and walks through a galaxy of loved ones blowing bubbles. Then, they’re off on their honeymoon.

But when the honeymoon is over and the dust settles, it’s on to the daily grind of real life. Busy schedules, learning the ins and outs of communicating with each other, and of course, figuring out dinner.

One great way to help newlyweds ease into their new life together is to provide dinner.  Easy Freezy Freezer Meals help new couples adjust to their new norm.


3 - Show teachers appreciation - not just during Teacher Appreciation Week.

We all know that teachers work especially hard. However, it appears that being prepared for in-person and online classes will be the new norm.

Show your children’s teacher support and make their lives easier by giving them the gift of Easy Freezy’s meal starters. 

You can easily send our shipping meals to school in your child’s backpack. The instructions are printed and easy to follow on each of our labels. Your child’s teacher will be able to relax on weeknights knowing dinner is taken care of.


4 - Care for your colleagues.  

Do you have a colleague who is out of the office because of sickness or a family emergency? 

Sending a gift card for food can leave the recipient still spending some of their own money to cover the cost. 

Easy Freezy shipping meals can be delivered straight to your colleague’s house and made at their convenience. We also have options that are sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy free to meet all kinds of dietary needs.


5 - Support loved ones in times of need. 

Unfortunately, we all face unexpected, challenging times in our lives. It can be difficult to watch family and friends go through tough situations.

One way to help during a time of need is to offer food. Sometimes, at first, people are overwhelmed with casseroles and desserts then have nothing after a few days.

One great thing about Easy Freezy’s shipping meals is that they can be kept in the pantry until the user is ready to cook them. Then, they take very minimal effort to prepare. Just put protein and instructed ingredients (you supply) in the slow cooker, add the shipping meal contents, and let dinner cook itself.


6 - Feed your family on vacation.

Family vacation time is finally here! You’ve packed, planned, and budgeted, and now it’s time to enjoy the vacay!

But, are you traveling with small kids? Or a big group? Managing tired kids or fighting the restaurant crowds with a big party are the last things you want to deal with at the end of an exciting (and possibly exhausting) day with the fam.

Simple solution - bring Easy Freezy shipping meals and your slow cooker along for the trip! Our meals typically feed 6-8 adults, and you’ll be able to spend your hard-earned money on experiences and souvenirs instead of eating out.

Imagine coming back to your Airbnb after a long day of vacation adventures with dinner waiting for you in the slow cooker.


7 - Self-care solution - treat yourself.

One of the greatest forms of self-care is investing in your health. Easy Freezy’s shipping meals improve your health in more ways than one. 

  • First, they take the mental effort out of figuring out what to cook for dinner. Now you have delicious options like Chicken Pot Pie or Mexican Shredded Beef ready to go in the pantry. All you have to plan is what protein to pick up from the store.

  • Second, your meal is prepped and ready to put in the slow cooker. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. You get time back to do what you love.

  • Finally, you will literally be giving your body delicious nourishment. Plus, you have meal options like Whole 30, Keto-friendly, or sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy free. 

Any occasion is a great occasion to make your life easier with Easy Freezy shipping meals. 

Busy work day with kid activities in the evening? Throw dinner in the slow cooker to grab between activities.

Football watch party this weekend? Have mouthwatering food ready to eat without missing the game.

Lazy rainy day? Spend the day relaxing to the savory aroma of one of our tasty soups cooking for dinner.

Let’s face it. We’re all busy and trying to figure out what’s for dinner. Easy Freezy Freezer Meals’ shipping menu is here to save the day… or at least the evening!

Our shipping menu includes meals that are:

  • Whole 30 approved 
  • Keto-friendly
  • Sugar free
  • Dairy free
  • Soy free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegetarian friendly 

Choose from any of our shipping menus here, and have dinner shipped anywhere in the United States.

Share the gift of dinner with those you love for special occasions, during times of need, or for no occasion at all!

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